Pros Run Through Their Favorite Hair-Growth Enhancers

Botanical Basis

Before Columbia, MD dermatologist Chesahna Kindred, MD recommends any in-office treatment, she starts her hair-loss patients on daily Nutrafol ($79) supplements. “In my hair-growth protocol, Nutrafol is at the foundational level because its targeted approach addresses multiple root causes of hair loss, such as hormones, nutritional deficiencies, stress or inflammation.” While Dr. Kindred says the supplement works wonders on its own, the regimen can be even more successful when combined with the brand’s topical Growth Activator ($69).


Laser Tag

“Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), when used correctly, is a fantastic option for patients looking to amp-up hair growth,” says trichologist William Gaunitz, who adds that this therapy can be performed at home through devices like laser caps. “The LC Elite 80 Diode Laser Cap ($795) can enhance and accelerate hair growth by about 49 percent, improving the width and diameter of the hair shaft over 90 days and beyond.” While more might seem better, he says the key to utilizing LLLT is to use the laser for the correct amount of time. “For individuals with mild hair loss, start out with 10 minutes twice per week, and then upgrade to 15 minutes twice a week after 90 days. For those with more aggressive hair loss and lighter hair, start at 15 minutes twice a week and then increase to 25 minutes after 120 days.”


Hair Therapy

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating thinning hair, Beverly Hills, CA hair restoration specialist Dr. Craig Ziering says there is one treatment in particular that offers solid results for a wide variety of patients: KeraLase—a nonablative laser—combined with the at-home topical KeraFactor Scalp Stimulating Solution ($169). “KeraLase creates microchannels in the scalp that stimulate the hair follicles and support better delivery of the growth factors, peptides and liposomes in KeraFactor, which is massaged into the scalp post-treatment and then taken home to use twice daily.”


Scalp Savior

“The HydraFacial Keravive Scalp Health Treatment is one of the most effective in-office treatments for any type of hair loss,” says New York trichologist Shab Reslan. “It effectively cleanses the scalp of any excess buildup and infuses it with what’s required to stimulate growth, so when you use the corresponding HydraFacial Keravive Peptide Complex Spray ($165) at home, your scalp soaks up the all the growth-inducing ingredients.


Smart Serum

“A tried-and-true treatment that increases the micro-blood supply to the hair follicles when used continuously, minoxidil—used in a concentration of 5 percent—is a topical that enhances hair growth,” says Gaunitz. But, Dr. Ziering says the effects of this strand-booster are amplified when used alongside prescription-grade topical finasteride. “The most effective prescription medication for treating hair loss in men, finasteride functions as an alpha-reductase inhibitor, blocking the conversion of testosterone to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair to thin,” he explains. In Musely’s The Hair Solution ($70), the two ingredients are used in tandem for effective results.


Transplant Talk

For patients who have acute hair loss, Dr. Ziering says restoring and regenerating the hair may take a bit of an extra push. “These patients often require a combination of nonsurgical therapeutics and hair transplant surgery,” he adds. “During the surgery, we identify donor hair that is genetically resistant to DHT and considered to be permanent hair. That hair is harvested and transplanted into the thinning areas to reestablish receding hairlines, and can be used to rebuild disappearing eyebrows or restore bald spots.”


Old Tricks

While Gaunitz and Dr. Ziering both like mixing minoxidil and finasteride, Thousand Oaks, CA dermatologist Peterson Pierre, MD says minoxidil works great on its own, too. Giving Rogaine ($50) a shout-out, he says, “It’s the best topical over-the-counter product available for hair loss. It has been around for decades, and even though the mechanism of action remains elusive, it is still very effective at stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth.”


Mixed Modalities

If you’re noticing fallout, Gaunitz says it’s important to test your blood for vitamin D3 and ferritin levels, as well as your blood type. “This will ensure your blood levels are in the optimal range for the best results possible.” Dr. Ziering adds, “The goal is to treat hair loss from the inside out and the outside in to revitalize the strands on every level.” To do so, he prescribes a cocktail of medication and topicals and recommends taking supplements that are rich in vitamins, minerals and herbs, like The Nue Co. Growth Phase ($65).