Dr. Kinler Mentioned in Healthline | Oral Minoxidil: Why Some Derms are Turning to Pill Version of this Drug for Hair loss

For years, doctors and dermatologists have relied on lotions, drugs, and cosmetic procedures to help treat hair loss — leading to some patients facing sizable bills.

But perhaps not for much longer. One type of medication is fast rising in popularity thanks to its beneficial (albeit unintentional) effects on hair regrowth.

Minoxidil’s role in hair growth came as somewhat of a happy accident.

“Shortly after minoxidil was approved for the treatment of hypertension [in the 1970s], there were reports of patients growing excess hair while on the medication,” Dr. Brittany Craiglow, associate adjunct professor in the Dermatology Department of the Yale School of Medicine, told Healthline.

“Harnessing that side effect, topical minoxidil was eventually developed and FDA approved in 1988,” she continued. Millions of people have since used this in products such as Rogaine. However, the use of minoxidil in pill format is becoming far more commonplace. But why?

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